Graduate scholarship for lower caste Indian students launched

The Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development (OICSD) at Somerville College is launching a new scholarship for Indian students from lower caste backgrounds and/or first-generation students. The School of Geography and the Environment looks forward to welcoming Oxford's inaugural Phule scholar Niharika Singh on the MSc in Nature, Society and Environmental Governance in October.

Image: Aivin Gast/CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

New research finds slow forest recovery in the Andes — and ways to improve

New research led by SoGE researchers could help governments better prioritize restoration and conservation interventions across the tropical Andes. The study evaluated how mountain forests in the region recovered over a 15-year period, identifying four possible recovery trajectories, ranging from natural to arrested.

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'Herders under pressure' podcast episode live

Polar Pod is a new podcast that explores the regions at the poles of our planet and how they matter to all of us. Created by researchers from the School of Geography and the Environment, the podcast is a product of the Oxford University Polar Forum, and draws together expert voices to answer big questions that polar research is grappling with today.

Image: Polar Pod

Royal Society elects eight Oxford scientists as new Fellows

Professor Myles Allen CBE FRS, Professor of Geosystem Science at the Environmental Change Institute, School of Geography and the Environment and Department of Physics, is one of eight academics from the University of Oxford who have joined the Royal Society as Fellows.

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Oxford reports wettest March on record

Oxford University researchers have recorded the wettest March since rainfall records began at the Radcliffe Meteorological Station in January 1827. Attributing March's wet weather to a 'sudden stratospheric warming occurance', observers reported that 133.9mm of rain fell during the month and that 27 of 31 days received rainfall.

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Passing Water

What's the problem with our water? Untreated sewage is pouring into our rivers and onto our beaches. Despite the wettest March in 40 years, a hosepipe ban has been imposed in Devon. Something is going badly wrong with the companies that run our privatised water system. Is it just a lack of investment? Dr Kevin Grecksch gives Phil Dobbie and Roger Hearing the details in a new podcast for The Why? Curve. Click through to listen in full.

Image: The Why? Curve