I’ve studied sand dunes for 40 years – here’s what people find most surprising

The Dune films remind us of just how beautiful, mysterious, expansive and changeable sand dunes can be. For centuries these wonderful landforms have filled humans with awe – and in some cases fear and foreboding – because of the apparent remoteness and risks associated with the deserts they are synonymous with. That's what first attracted Professor David Thomas to research deserts and dunes more than 40 years ago, and he has been investigating them ever since. In an article for The Conversation, Prof. Thomas shares five things he has learned that may surprise you about dunes.

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SoGE Students Embark on Water Adaptation Photojournalism Research Project

They say that education can take you to far-off places. For a team of five SoGE students, their master’s experience at SoGE led them to embark on a self-driven research expedition across India. The West Bengal Water Project is spearheaded by field team Raphaela Betz (MSc in Water Science, Policy, and Management), William Wallock (MSc in WSPM), Patrick Robichaud (MSc in WSPM), and Susana Higueras (MSc in Nature, Society, and Environmental Governance), as well as Victoria Taylor (MSc in WSPM) helping from afar. 

A group of people at a water project in West Bengal, India

Ashwini Petchiappan wins the Alfred Russel Wallace Prize

2023 MSc graduate Ashwini Petchiappan has won the Alfred Russel Wallace Prize for her dissertation research on The Impact of Climatic Oscillations on Bird Migrations. The prize is awarded once per year by the Examinations Board for the MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management for an outstanding dissertation. 

Photo of Ashwini Petchiappan

International Women's Day 2024: Who inspires you?

We are marking International Women’s Day – a time to reflect on the progress women have made and their ongoing fight for equality. The theme for IWD2024 is Inspire Inclusion. We asked SoGE students and staff to tell us about women who inspire them, and what they think inclusion means in the context of gender equality. They highlighted the influence and contributions of an incredible range of women, including activists, entertainers, academics, politicians, their own mothers, and many more. Here is what they had to say…

Mayli Hayes Villalba

Oxford researchers launch updated carbon offsetting principles

An interdisciplinary team of Oxford University researchers have today released an update to flagship guidance on credible and net zero aligned carbon offsetting, which has been used by hundreds of organisations since its publication in 2020.

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LGBTQ history month: celebrating queer memory in our cities

Cities are like archives. Through their architecture, street names, monuments, plaques and cultural heritage sites, we learn about what remains of the past. But who is remembered in public spaces, and who is kept forgotten? Dr Ammar Azzouz, British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, explores the issue in an article for The Conversation.

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