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Impact, innovation and engagement

We are working to change the world for the better. Our goal is for our research and teaching to make a difference in the world.

Engagement, knowledge exchange and impact are at the heart of our efforts. Our research positively enhances lives, policies and the environment – particularly as global processes of transformation, degradation, fragmentation and dislocation extend and multiply.

Drawing on social and natural science expertise, much of our innovative work is interdisciplinary and is designed to be of direct use and benefit to people, organisations and partners within and outside of academia who join us in shaping and conducting our research and delivering and applying our findings.

We make significant contributions to many social and economic challenges in the UK and globally.

Throughout SoGE, individuals have the freedom to pool expertise to generate innovative ideas for research and the funding to make it happen. Our size, diversity and networks are especially beneficial in responding to external calls for increasingly impactful research.

Collaborations with non-academic partners are founded on the principles of equal partnership and long-term commitment. Many of our research events feature non-academic experts.

Spotlight on SoGE Research

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