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We are one of the foremost geography and environment university departments in the world, internationally recognised for the quality of our research and our teaching. Geography at the University of Oxford is a large, vibrant and intellectually diverse community comprising the core academic department of the School of Geography and the Environment, its three research centres: the Environmental Change Institute (ECI), the Transport Studies Unit (TSU) and the Smith School of Enterprise and Environment (SSEE) and several geographers based elsewhere in the wider university.

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This subject is the intersection of everything. So many disciplines and pressing issues come together in one place.

DPhil student, 2022
Image: Lorna Softley

At the University of Oxford’s Green Impact and LEAF end-of-year showcase and celebration on the 9 July 2024, the School of Geography and the Environment earned Gold accreditation in the Green Impact awards for the second time and Silver accreditation for our Geolabs in the LEAF (Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework) scheme.


One question that British voters may have asked themselves during the 2024 election campaign is whether they are any better off now than they were in 2010 when the Conservative-led coalition came to power. A recent poll reveals that most Britons (73%) think they are not. In The Conversation, Lucinda Hiam and Danny Dorling in the School of Geography and the Environment, delve deeper into avoidable deaths in the UK.