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"Welcome to the School of Geography and Environment, a vibrant community of agenda-setting researchers, teachers, students and administrators."
Professor Giles Wiggs, Head of School

We are one of the world's most successful university geography departments, internationally recognised for the quality of our research and our teaching. In addition to the department, the School also hosts three globally-renowned research centres, and leads several cross-university research networks. We are proud of the wide range of partners with whom we collaborate across the world, and of our significant contributions to advances in social and environmental policy-making.

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09/04/23 9 June 2023 -
Image: Martin Lee / Adobe Stock
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Weakened by a decade of austerity: why the UK's covid-19 inquiry is right to look at policies since 2010New opinion piece involving doctoral researcher Lucinda Hiam and Professor of Geography Danny Dorling explains how the cumulative consequences of austerity policies initiated by the 2010 Coalition Government created conditions that allowed COVID-19 to do more damage in the UK than in many of its neighbours. Read in full via The BMJ.
08/06/23 8 June 2023 -
Image: imur / Adobe Stock
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African plumes bring heat of the Sahara to UK - but climate change could make them less frequentIt's not often that the UK feels as hot as the central Sahara, but there were certainly a few days in the summer of 2022 when that was the case. Such heat waves can occur when the Sahara arrives on our doorstep on the back of unusual winds. How do these events work and what can we expect from them in the future? Prof Richard Washington writes for The Conversation.
08/06/23 8 June 2023 -
Image: Natalie Chung in kayak in antartic surrounded by ice
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Letters of Hope: Natalie Chung (MPhil 2021) joins Dr Sylvia Earle in Imagining an Icier, Cleaner ClimateAlumna Natalie Chung (MPhil 2021), founder of V'air Hong Kong, voyaged alongside accomplished deep ocean activist Dr Sylvia Earle to advocate for policies to protect nature's most important carbon sink - the Ocean.

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Our Research Centres

In addition to world leading education and research in the School, we host three internationally recognised research centres and lead cross-university initiatives and collaborative networks.

  • Environmental Change Institute

    Environmental Change Institute

    The ECI is an interdisciplinary institute for research on the complex processes of global environmental change, the exploration of sustainable solutions, and the promotion of change for the better through partnership and education. Find out more

  • Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment

    Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment

    The SSEE is enabling business and governments to address the global energy, environment and sustainable development challenges of the 21st century. Find out more

  • Transport Studies Unit

    Transport Studies Unit

    The Transport Studies Unit seeks to advance innovative approaches to the study of 'transport futures' over time and space. Find out more

Our Research Networks

  • Oxford Networks for the Environment

    Oxford Networks for the Environment

    The Oxford Networks for the Environment mobilise the University's expertise to find solutions to the complex, converging challenges of energy, water, food security, climate change, and threats to biodiversity. Find out more

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