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Geography is a gateway to career success

Geography is a multidisciplinary subject. It gives you the wide breadth of knowledge which is essential to addressing 'wicked problems', and it gives you a broad set of investigative skills too, both quantitative and qualitative, including data interpretation and communications skills. This combination is highly valued in all sorts of contexts, from campaigning organisations and tech startups to global consultancies and government. Check out some possible career paths on the Royal Geographical Society's I am a geographer website and their Use Geography webinars.

Geography gives you flexibility when it comes to deciding on your career. Many of our students are successful in pursuing careers directly related to their geographical knowledge (such as in development work or environmental management). Many others use the range of transferable skills we teach to move into fields such as management consultancy, local and central government, conservation and heritage management, the law, the media, teaching and research.

The breadth of Geography and the skillset you learn explains why Geography students are highly employable. Social Science graduates are just as likely to find jobs as Science and Technology graduates.

You're more likely to be well-paid too. A recent report from the Institute of Fiscal Studies placed Geography among the top subjects for graduate earnings. The data, derived from Department for Education statistics, showed that female Geography graduates earn over 10% more than the average female graduate, while male Geographers are more than 2% above average. Geography graduate earnings outperform many other subjects, including Technology, Biosciences and History.

To support you identify the right career for you, the School of Geography holds an annual careers event. If you are interested in a career that involves environmental sustainability, in particular, you can develop your leadership skills by taking part in the Sustainability Internship Programme run by our Environmental Change Institute.

You can also make use of the amazing resources offered by the University, which includes many internship programmes, and support for student entrepreneurs. Take a look at the broader Oxford offer and information about the University's Careers Service.

Do you want to broaden your horizons? Oxford Geography can boost your career

Geography can be the first step towards a wide variety of careers and in recent years graduates have proceeded to employment in management consultancy, local and central government, law, conservation and heritage management, the law, the media, teaching and research.

Oxford Geography recently topped the table for geography graduates' earnings too, boosting average salaries five years after graduation more than any other geography department in the UK.

Our alumni

The School of Geography and the Environment is proud to have an active alumni community. With over 5,000 former geography undergraduates as well as more than 1,500 Masters and DPhil graduates this network is a growing source of professional contacts, knowledge, and advice.

Find out more about some of our alumni.

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