Why study Geography at Oxford?

Geography at Oxford is:

  • Relevant … to the challenges facing the planet in the 21st century.
  • Interdisciplinary and flexible … allowing you to pursue your interests, whether they are in physical, environmental, or human geography, or at the disciplinary intersection.
  • Grounded in world-leading research … learn from researchers who are changing how we think about the world.
  • A gateway to a wide range of careers … learn a wide range of transferable skills of value in the world of work, including numeracy, computer coding, data analysis, qualitative research, research design, communication skills, and critical thinking. Geography graduates are highly employable and move into a wide range of careers.

Amy, third year undergraduate

"When applying, I loved the fact that the Oxford course allows everyone to study both physical and human geography before going on to specialise. This gives you a great foundation for geography at the university level, and means the subject matter is always so varied. We go from tutorials on postcolonialism and gender to ones on rivers and dunes, which definitely keeps you on your toes! It's rather satisfying how often my friends will say 'Wow I didn't know you learn about that in geography!'"
Amy, third year undergraduate

Explore the links below to see the diversity of option courses available within the course structure; be introduced to the staff members and learn about their research; see the opportunities for field-based learning and skills teaching; and explore the pathways you could follow through the degree course.

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Finding your pathway through the degree

The first year course is a foundational year, introducing students to the key concepts and skills in both physical and human geography. All components of the first year course are compulsory, but after the first year you can follow your own interests whether these are in physical geography, human geography or whether you want to maintain interdisciplinary interests.

Students construct their pathway by choosing:

  • two out of the three 'foundational courses': Space, Place and Society; Earth System Dynamics; Environmental Geography;
  • their second year field course (Berlin - human; Netherlands - environmental; Tenerife - physical);
  • three options - from a wide range available focusing on specialist aspects of human, physical and environmental geography. There are no restrictions on which combination of options students may choose; and
  • their dissertation topic - a completely free choice of topic.
Oxford Geography is proud to have been recognised as one of the world's leading geography departments. Teaching is a very important part of what we do and the department works incredibly hard to ensure that the teaching provision available to you is second to none.
Professor Simon Dadson, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Example pathways through the Oxford Geography course