Oxford geography students may come from a range of backgrounds but they all share an academic ability and insatiable curiosity about the world.

Video on Geography at Oxford

Video on Geography at Oxford - BAME Perspectives in the Field

Video on studying Geography at Oxford Uni (GoodLuckNabs)

Undiscovered: Episode One - Oxford African and Carribean Society (ACS), Journey to Oxford, Subject Choice, Future Plans & More

  • Tony Farag

    Clever vlogs open Oxford to minorities

    Second year geography undergraduate Tony Farag is a contributing author in The Sunday Times' piece on how student vloggers are playing an important role in Oxbridge access campaigns. He pitched, researched and worked on the article, which explores the positive impact that youtubers are having on diversity at Oxbridge, whilst working on the news desk for two weeks over the Christmas break.

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  • Ella Duffy

    Student Blog: Coming to Oxford from a state school

    The view a lot of people have of Oxford is that it's all funny Hogwarts gowns and old posh white men sitting in stuffy offices. People much much cleverer than the rest of the population sit and debate things far outside the intellectual capability of a normal 18-year-old. Before doing some research and applying, this was my view of Oxford too…

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  • Anna Wright, at Brasenose College

    Student Blog: From North Yorkshire to a first term at Oxford

    As clichéd as it might sound, my first term at Oxford has flown by, and I can't believe I'm already one third of the way through my first year. Coming from my local comprehensive school in North Yorkshire, one of the things I was most worried about when getting to Oxford was that I wouldn't fit in to the stereotypes…

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  • Photo from James Howard's blog post, of students in Tenerife

    Out and about: The SoGE field trip blog

    "A week in Tenerife can only be described in two words: Absolutely. Incredible." - James Howard (BA Geography 2016-2019, Mansfield)

    Read blogs from the field, written by our undergraduates over the years.
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  • Video still of Aisling

    Why geographers can't… watch the Lion King, go shopping, or use a mobile phone

    Budding film-maker and Oxford geographer Aisling Taylor (BA Geography 2017, Keble) has made three short films, showing how human geographers see the world differently to everyone else.

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The Alternative Oxford Geography Prospectus

Nadja Mundi

"The best thing about Oxford Geography? Getting to study with such a diverse interesting group of people."

Nadja, Geography undergraduate