Second year geography undergraduate Tony Farag is contributing author in The Sunday Times’ piece on how student vloggers are playing an important role in Oxbridge access campaigns. He pitched, researched and worked on the article, which explores the positive impact that youtubers are having on diversity at Oxbridge, whilst working on the news desk for two weeks over the Christmas break.

A screenshot of Tony appearing in a YouTube video by GoodLuckNabs

Tony, appearing in a video on YouTube about studying geography at Oxford, by GoodLuckNabs.

“I think the value of student-led outreach work, is the honesty it comes with as well as the relatability,” Tony explains. “Prospective students can really relate to the person on the screen.”

Videos by Oxbridge students, such as Eve Bennett’s video on how she got into Oxford, have had hundreds of thousands of views. The advice that “study tubers” give can level the playing field for prospective students who don’t benefit from additional tuition or mentoring schemes, helping them through the Oxbridge application.

Tony has played a key part in the digital student outreach at Oxford Geography (which you can see samples of below).

“I think that digital outreach work is so important,” he added. “Social media and digital platforms are accessible to most people and can be watched wherever you are, or whatever your background. Looking back at my application process, I felt that I really could have done with some guidance and reassurance that studytubers give.”

Videos about Geography at Oxford

The links below will take you to videos featuring Tony and other Oxford students, talking about their experiences of studying geography at Oxford.