If you want to develop some of your interests in Geography through further reading, there is a wide range of freely available online resources you can explore. These are just some suggestions. See where your interests lead you!


Oxplore is a digital resource created by Oxford University to get 11-18 year olds thinking about the big questions of our times.

See, for example, the section on Power which asks questions like 'does gender matter?' and 'should everyone be paid the same?' These questions are designed to get you thinking and give you links to further resources.


Routes is a new digital journal for sixth formers and undergraduate geographers.

See, for example, an article by Sophia Buchanan Barlow on whether sustainability and development are compatible.

Geography Directions

Geography Directions is a blog site published by the RGS-IBG which considers a range of contemporary issues.

See, for example, the post co-authored by Professor Jamie Lorimer on what geographers can learn from the 2020 anthropause.

The Conversation

The Conversation is "an independent source of news and views, sourced from the academic and research community". It covers a diverse range of topics, many of which are of interest to geographers.

See for example an article on the water crisis in a First Nation community in Canada or this discussion on the importance of seagrass meadows in UK waters as a carbon sink.

Very Short Introductions

If you do have the opportunity to access some physical texts, you could explore some of the titles in the OUP series of Very Short Introductions . Some titles which are relevant to geography include:

  • Dodds, K. (2019) Geopolitics: A very short introduction, 3rd Edition. Oxford, OUP.
  • Ellis, E.C. (2018) Anthropocene: A very short introduction. Oxford, OUP.
  • Goudie, A. and Viles, H. (2010) Landscapes and Geomorphology: A very short introduction. Oxford, OUP.
  • Koser, K. (2016) International Migration: A very short introduction. Oxford, OUP.
  • Maslin, M. (2014) Climate Change: A very short introduction. Oxford, OUP.
  • Matthews, J. and Herbert, D. (2008) Geography: A very short introduction. Oxford, OUP.
  • Middleton, N. (2009) Deserts: A very short introduction. Oxford, OUP.
  • Redfern, M. (2003) The Earth: A very short introduction. Oxford, OUP.