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ECI Alumni Dinner
Celebrations will kick off at 3pm in the School of Geography, where we will take a look back on our achievements from the past 25 years, and a look forward to what the next 25 years have to bring. At 6pm, we will then head over to Balliol College for a drinks reception followed by three-course dinner. Alumni, current members of the ECI and guests are welcome. Booking required
Local food's large geophysical potential and resource conservation capacity
Dr Elliott Campbell, University of California Merced. ECI Food Systems Group Lunchtime Seminars. J Gottmann Room B, SoGE, Oxford.
Tyndall Assembly: Time: past, present and future of climate change and a new research agenda
ECI is a partner organisation of the Tyndall Centre. This year its Assembly takes stock of the fall-out from the historic Paris Climate Change negotiations. Booking required
Improving water security for the poor
Dr Katrina Charles will talk about the 15m REACH: Improving Water Security for the Poor research programme as part of Meeting Minds, the Alumni Weekend in Oxford. Halford Mackinder Lecture Theatre, SoGE, Oxford. Register to attend
SoGE Alumni Lunch
Following Dr Katrina Charles' talk there will be an opportunity for SoGE alumni to meet and mingle at an informal lunch as part of Meeting Minds, the Alumni Weekend in Oxford. A J Herbertson Room, SoGE, Oxford. Register to attend
Humans are at the centre. But at the centre of what? A new anthropocentrism for the Anthropocene
Prof Clive Hamilton, Professor of Public Ethics, Charles Sturt University, Australia. Oxford Centre for Tropical Forests Seminar. A J Herbertson Room, SoGE, Oxford
1.5 degrees: Meeting the challenges of the Paris Agreement
Join climate experts, researchers, policymakers, businesses and members of civil society from around the world. The conference will contribute evidence to the IPCC's recently announced Special Report on the impacts of global warming of 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels and related global greenhouse gas emission pathways. International Conference, 20-22 September 2016, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford. Registration is now closed.
Rewilding in abandoned agricultural landscapes: opportunities and impacts
A meeting of the British Ecological Societys Agricultural Ecology and Forest Ecology special interest groups, co-sponsored by Earthwatch Institute and the Oxford Centre for Tropical Forests. University of Oxford. Booking Essential.
Drought Science and Management Symposium
This Symposium will focus on Drought Science and Management in the UK and around the world. There will be oral and poster presentations. Lady Margaret Hall, Norham Gardens, Oxford, OX2 6QA. Booking required.
Allianz-Oxford Pensions Conference 2016: Reshaping Pension Solutions in an Uncertain World
Invited Conference, 29-30 September 2016, Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford. Invitation only event.
High latitude dust: sources, transport pathways and impacts
Prof Joanna Bullard, Loughborough University. Sandscapes: Sediments, Landscapes, Changing Environments Seminars. E W Gilbert Room, SoGE, Oxford
Groundwater and climate resilience
Prof Alan MacDonald, British Geological Survey. W. Mike Edmunds Memorial Lecture. Blue Boar Lecture Theatre, Christ Church, Oxford. Register to attend.
A thousand wadis up the Nile: Shifting sediment sources in the world's longest river
Prof Jamie Woodward, University of Manchester. Sandscapes: Sediments, Landscapes, Changing Environments Seminars. E W Gilbert Room, SoGE, Oxford
Seeing beneath the surface: ground-penetrating radar in sand dunes
Prof Charlie Bristow, Birkberk, University of London. Sandscapes: Sediments, Landscapes, Changing Environments Seminars. E W Gilbert Room, SoGE, Oxford
Using aeolianites to understand Land-Ocean Transitions in coastal landscapes
Prof Mark Bateman, University of Sheffield. Sandscapes: Sediments, Landscapes, Changing Environments Seminars. E W Gilbert Room, SoGE, Oxford

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Undergraduate Honour School

Undergraduate Honour School

Experience the unique and integrative undergraduate geography degree programme at a university leading the way in geographical teaching and research. Our undergraduate degree provides students with a wide range of experience and skills across the breadth of geography, based on in-depth teaching from our many expert staff.
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International Graduate School

International Graduate School

With over 200 graduate students from a range of nationalities, professional and disciplinary backgrounds we are one of the largest, most diverse and vibrant graduate schools in the world offering six advanced degrees in Geography and the Environment.
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Our Research

The School is undertaking world-class interdisciplinary research, addressing societal and environmental problems, and advancing knowledge within an exciting research environment. Find out more

Our Research Centres

In addition to world leading education and research in the School, we host three internationally recognised research centres and lead cross-university initiatives and collaborative networks.

  • Environmental Change Institute

    Environmental Change Institute

    The ECI is an interdisciplinary institute for research on the complex processes of global environmental change, the exploration of sustainable solutions, and the promotion of change for the better through partnership and education. Find out more

  • Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment

    Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment

    The SSEE is enabling business and governments to address the global energy, environment and sustainable development challenges of the 21st century. Find out more

  • Transport Studies Unit

    Transport Studies Unit

    The Transport Studies Unit seeks to advance innovative approaches to the study of 'transport futures' over time and space. Find out more

Our Research Networks

  • Oxford Networks for the Environment

    Oxford Networks for the Environment

    The Oxford Networks for the Environment mobilise the University's expertise to find solutions to the complex, converging challenges of energy, water, food security, climate change, and threats to biodiversity. Find out more