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Brexit: does EU energy policy matter for the UK?
Malcolm Keay, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. ONE Energy Colloquia Series. Halford Mackinder Lecture Theatre, SoGE, Oxford.
Safety in Motion: Uneven Landscapes of Perceived Risk Among a Sample of Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Automobile Commuters in Vancouver, BC
Denver Nixon (TSU). Transport Studies Unit Lunchtime Seminar. E W Gilbert Room, SoGE, Oxford.
Big Ideas Seminar Series: Economic Growth, Structural Transformation and the evolving food security - environment challenge
Professor Prabhu Pingali, Director of Tata-Cornell Agriculture and Nutrition Initiative (TCi) at Cornell University, visits the ECI to present his Big Ideas for human dominated planet, in the second installment of the ECI's 25th Anniversary Seminar Series. J Gottmann Room, SoGE, Oxford
"Why go into the field?" - Les Cafés Géographiques / Geography Café
Speakers: Prof Béatrice Collignon, Michel Montaigne University, Bordeaux and Michael Dangerfield, SoGE, Oxford. Hosted by the Institut Français and the School of Geography and the Environment. The Oxford Wine Café, South Parade, Oxford
Development Without Destruction: Scientists, NGOs, and indigenous activists chart a sustainable alternative to mega-dams in Malaysian, Borneo
Short film and brief presentation followed by open discussion. Joe Lamb, Founder, The Borneo Project. Oxford Centre for Tropical Forests Seminar. A J Herbertson Room, SoGE, Oxford
Bus rapid transit: the wider economic impacts
Fiona Ferbrache (TSU, Keble College, and Oxford Brookes University). Transport Studies Unit Lunchtime Seminar. E W Gilbert Room, SoGE, Oxford.
Earth Observation Research Forum
Oxford Networks for the Environment and Oxford Space Research Network will explore the breadth of EO research across the University. Dennis Sciama Lecture Theatre, Denys Wilkinson Building (Physics), Keble Road, Oxford
What controls sensitivity to drought-induced mortality in tropical forests?
Dr Lucy Rowland, University of Exeter. Oxford Centre for Tropical Forests Seminar. J Gottmann Room, SoGE, Oxford
Al Nashwa to Antarctica: An Unlikely Story about Sustainable Energy
Dr. Malek Al-Chalabi (PhD, DiC). Transport Studies Unit Lunchtime Seminar. E W Gilbert Room, SoGE, Oxford.
How does conservation impact local people's wellbeing (and how can we know?)
Prof Julia Jones, Professor in Conservation Science, Bangor University. Biodiversity Research Cluster Seminar. A J Herbertson Room, SoGE, Oxford.
A Science Meeting to mark the completion of the NERC Macronutrient Cycles Programme
A science meeting to present the results of the Macronutrient Cycles Programme and to address the key issues for policy makers and stakeholders in government and catchment management at scales from local to national. Includes presentations by key international researchers. Royal Society, London. Booking required - register online.
Science and Engineering in Arts Heritage and Archaeology Conference 2016
Centre for Doctoral Training in Science and Engineering in Arts Heritage and Archaeology (SEAHA) conference on heritage science research, innovation and best practice in the interpretation, conservation and management of cultural heritage. SoGE, Oxford. Register before 6 June.
1.5 degrees: Meeting the challenges of the Paris Agreement
Join climate experts, researchers, policymakers, businesses and members of civil society from around the world. The conference will contribute evidence to the IPCC's recently announced Special Report on the impacts of global warming of 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels and related global greenhouse gas emission pathways. International Conference, 20-22 September 2016, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford. Attendance at the conference is strictly limited to 200 delegates, who will be selected to ensure diversity of perspectives and expertise. Register to attend. Call for abstracts now open.
Allianz-Oxford Pensions Conference 2016: Reshaping Pension Solutions in an Uncertain World
Invited Conference, 29-30 September 2016, Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford. Invitation only event.

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Booking is now open for the Department Open Day on Monday 13 June 2016.

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