Research in this cluster examines the relationship between economic change, social transformation and social and economic justice.

Cluster members have a track record in generating research that is internationally renowned and socially engaged. The cluster asks: how are economic organisations and relations being spatially reconfigured now? What patterns of social inequality and injustice are enacted as labour, finance, housing and education are transforming? And how can such changes be re-imagined for a more just world? Current work examines a wide range of themes in both the developed and developing worlds including the geography of finance, transnational migration, urban precarity, social inequality, environmental health governance, uneven urban transport, and labour market restructuring.

In bringing economic, social and urban geographers together, the cluster is guided by a concern for conceptual and methodological innovation and the development of research committed to working with and alongside local communities.

The research cluster has active links with the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, Transport Studies Unit, Oxford Disaporas Programme, the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing and Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS).

The research cluster maintains a core seminar programme and collaboration across Oxford in cognate disciplines.