Felippa Amanta

Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) in Geography and the Environment

Supervisor: Prof. Charlie Wilson and Dr Emilie Vrain

Households' Use of On-Demand Digital Services: Implications for Consumption and Energy Demand

Academic Profile

Felippa (‘Pippa’) Amanta is a DPhil student in the Environmental Change Institute, School of Geography and Environment at the University of Oxford. Pippa’s research interest is to understand how on-demand digital services are changing households’ consumption patterns and expectations and the implications for energy demand. Her research explores the relational and temporal dimensions of digitally mediated consumption experiences. Pippa is part of a research project funded by the European Research Council examining the impacts of digitalised daily life on climate change.

Pippa worked previously as the Head of Research at the Centre for Indonesian Policy Studies, a think tank based in Jakarta, Indonesia. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley, followed by a Master in Public Administration from the Australian National University funded by the Australia Awards Scholarship. From her policy background, Pippa has a keen interest in translating research into policy relevance.

Selected Publications

Felippa Amanta
Environmental Change Institute