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Researchers and students from across the University of Oxford's School of Geography and the Environment (SoGE) will present their research as part of the Association of American Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting 2023. The international conference which will be held between 23 - 27 March, attracts geographers, GIS specialists, environmental scientists, and other disciplinary experts who share and discuss the latest in research and applications in geography, sustainability, and GIScience.

SoGE researchers will contribute their latest insights in the areas of technology and racial capitalism, climate action, water insecurity, desensitisation, global real estate, transportation justice, variegated economies, and more.

A summary of the School's participation is as follows:

On Thursday 23rd March, Tim Schwanen (Professor of Transport Geography and Director of the Transport Studies Unit) alongside colleagues from Harvard University and The Chinese University of Hong Kong co-organises the opening plenary session, "Symposium on Geospatial Approaches to Pressing Grand Challenges: Global Pandemics, Climate Change, and Food Security: Characterizing the Impact from the COVID-19 Global Pandemic" - 8:30 AM MT.

From 4:30 PM MT Julien Migozzi (Urban Studies Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellow) will participate as a discussant in The Journal of Economic and Social Geography Lecture on "Technologies of racial capitalism: Debt, scale and 21st-century housing future", delivered by Professor Desiree Fields (UC Berkeley).

At 8:30 AM MT on Friday 24th March, Debbie Hopkins (Associate Professor in Human Geography) will deliver the AAG Climate Action Task Force Plenary Lecture on "Just Geographies of Academic Mobilities". The Climate Action Task Force works to encourage the American Association of Geographers to radically reduce carbon emissions, particularly in relation to the organisation of the Annual Meeting. The Task Force considers that geographers can play a leadership role in the process of ecological transformation by fostering new forms of knowledge exchange and production that are both low-carbon and inclusive. The plenary lecture continues this project, with the Task Force inviting Debbie Hopkins to reflect on the intersection of climate and social justice as expressed in the practices of academic mobility.

From 2:40 PM MT Patrick Thomson (Senior Research Associate) will be discussing FundiFix's work providing drinking water for livestock during the dry season in eastern Kenya "Disentangling human and animal water use in rural Kenya" at the Household Water Insecurity Experiences Research Intersections 3: Global Health session, convened by Justin Stoler (University of Miami).

On Saturday 25th March, Jennie Middleton (Associate Professor in Human Geography) will deliver a paper on "Care on the move': labour, desensitisation, and the everyday mobilities of children with non-visible disabilities" (co-authors: Daniel Munoz and Anna Plyushteva, SoGE) as part of the Desensitisation and Working Lives Activity session convened by David Bissell (University of Melbourne) and Leila Dawney (University of Exeter) - 8:30 AM MT.

From 2:40 PM MT, Tim Schwanen (Professor of Transport Geography and Director of the Transport Studies Unit) will also present his work titled "The role of policy in achieving just transitions towards electric urban mobility: a comparative analysis of four European cities" as part of the Transportation Justice 1: Conceptualizing Equity and Justice session chaired by Shaila Jamal (McMaster University).

At 4:30 PM MT Julien Migozzi (Urban Studies Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellow) will contribute new work on "A tale of two layers: digital technologies shaping the post-apartheid city" as part of the Regional futures: The politics of digitalisation-as-urbanisation in the global south panel discussion led by Ayona Datta (UCL).

On the Meeting's penultimate day, Julien Migozzi (Urban Studies Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellow) will deliver his second paper on "Global real estate networks and the securitization of townships" as part of the Spatial Histories of Real Estate Data session, chaired by Scott Markley (University of Georgia) - Sunday 26th March, 8:30 AM MT.

From 10:20 AM MT Hannah Fair (Departmental Lecturer in Human Geography) will present her work on "Pests, dirt and work in the more-than-human home" as part of the AAG Animal Geography Speciality Group's sponsored session on 'Dirt, Labor, Death and the More-than-Human', which she co-organises alongside Annie E.A. Welden (DPhil in Geography and the Environment).

Also from 10:20 AM MT doctoral researcher Jelani Munroe (DPhil in Geography and the Environment) will deliver his paper on "Dynamics of Austerity Policy and Public Service Delivery: The Case of the post-2008 Justice System in Jamaica" as part of the In and Beyond Variegated Economies: Pathways, Possibilities and Politics 2 session convened by David Beel (Manchester Metropolitan Unversity) and Matthew Thompson (Cardiff University).

On the Meeting's closing day, doctoral researcher Zhaoqi (Eric) Zhou (DPhil in Geography and the Environment) will discuss his paper "Exploring the Production of Spatial Inequality in Dockless Bicycle Sharing in Shenzhen" as part of the Transportation Justice 7: Transportation Justice in the Global South session, sponsored by AAG's Transportation Geography Specialty Group. Monday 27th March at 8:30 AM MT.

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