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Understanding the dynamics of coupled human-environmental systems is one of the great challenges of our time.

This cluster brings together members of the School of Geography and the Environment who work on the interactions of human activities with natural systems, from the perspective of pure theoretical and scientific research, to policy, governance and practical applications in resource management, technology, water and food security water, energy, and more.

The following are examples of some of the projects and programmes currently underway within the cluster:

Diagram showing the related themes included within the Environmental Interactions research cluster

Fishing trawler

News and Research Highlights

of Baby 8 Billion. Before he's 65 our numbers will be in reverse We should not be alarmed at the rise in global population; it's inequality, greed and waste that are the real problems of our age, writes Professor Danny Dorling, Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography and author of Population 10 Billion in an opinion piece for The Guardian.
02/12/21 2 December 2021 -
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When will life return to normal after the pandemic? No one can ever know for sure when life will return to normal after a particular event, not least because what's normal keeps on changing, even in normal times. Nevertheless, it's a question we can't help pondering - particularly when new COVID developments, such as the emergence of the omicron variant, keep on shifting the pandemic's goalposts - Prof Danny Dorling writes in The Conversation.
08/09/21 8 September 2021 -
Dr Louise Slater
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Dr Louise Slater awarded UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship Dr Louise Slater is one of eight Oxford University academics who have been awarded significant financial funding from the UKRI 'Future Leaders Fellowships scheme' that was created to help develop the next wave of world-class research and innovation leaders in academia and business.
08/04/21 08 April 2021 -
Image: Probiotic Planet book cover
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Jamie Lorimer on the Probiotic Planet Jamie Lorimer, Professor of Environmental Geography, talks to Table Debates about his latest book 'The Probiotic Planet: Using Life to Manage Life' in this new Feed podcast. Listen now.

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