The Radcliffe Meteorological Station

The Radcliffe Meteorological Station is situated in Woodstock Road in the garden of Green College beside the old observatory building, adjacent to the Radcliffe Infirmary. It possesses the longest series of temperature and rainfall records for one site in Britain. These records are continuous from January, 1815. Irregular observations of rainfall, cloud and temperature exist from 1767.

As concern about climatic change increases, the daily observations of Oxford weather made at the Radcliffe Meteorological Station continue to lengthen this almost unparalleled record, unbroken since 1815. The School of Geography and the Environment attaches great importance to this continuing effort and there seems to be no reason why the Station should not continue to provide valuable data for at least the next two hundred years!

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Founded in 1772. Over two hundred years of Oxford weather records!

ALTITUDE: 63.4m   LATITUDE: 51° 45'40 N   LONGITUDE: 1° 15'50 W

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For more information about the Radcliffe Meteorological Station or its records, please contact the

Director of the Radcliffe Met Station: Professor Richard Washington

Radcliffe Met Station 200th Anniversary

On the 15th of May 2015, the RMS celebrated its 200th Anniversary. As part of the 200th Anniversary celebrations Professors Chris Folland and Tim Burt delivered talks on long-period temperature and precipitation records in the British Isles. You can listen to, or watch, their talks below.

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