Published Data from the Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford, 1853 to 1935

The Radcliffe Meteorological StationMeteorological data from the Radcliffe Observatory Oxford were published in the volumes of the Radcliffe Astronomical Observations from 1849; from 1853 (Volume 14) daily observations were included. These were annual volumes until 1891 (aside from 1876-78 and 1888-89, which were grouped together). After 1892, the meteorological tables were published in their own volume for groups of years at a time, and thus several years in arrears; thus 1892-99, then 1900-05, thence 5-year periods until the final publication of Volume 56 covering 1931-35.

The original published tables include comprehensive instrument and siting metadata as well as much useful additional information such as barometric pressure, wind direction and speed, dates of aurora, snowfall and thunder, and the like, most of which has yet to be digitised.