Academic Profile

Dr Peter Bull is an Associate Professor in Physical Geography, Fellow and Tutor at Hertford College. He was originally trained as a karst sedimentologist and has special interest in China. For over thirty years he has been studying sediments using a scanning electron microscope as a tool for reconstructing ancient environments (particularly the Quaternary). Dr Bull is presently concerned with forensic sedimentology relating to murders, rapes, smuggling, arson, etc.

Current Research

Dr Bull's research focuses on the development of the philosophy, nature and practice of forensic geoscience by means of both experimental and theoretical work together with real life forensic casework. He is also working with scientists from NASA's SETI Institute, on the development of palaeoenergy aeolian indicators from mineral surface textures.


Undergraduate teaching

Dr Bull teaches the Final Honour School Special Subject course 'Forensic Geography', as well as the 'Introduction to Earth Surface Processes' course, and the compulsory field trip to Crete, for the Preliminary Examination. Dr Bull also offers scanning electron microscopy laboratory classes as part of the Final Honour School.

Postgraduate teaching

Dr Bull teaches postgraduate (master and doctoral) scanning electron microscopy laboratory classes.

Selected Publications

Publications are those that were listed on the old website. Publications database integration forthcoming.