The Oxford college experience

College life is one of the University of Oxford's greatest assets, since a close college community provides a friendly and welcoming home for students.

College tutors get to know students individually, enabling them to respond to their particular academic needs. You therefore receive all the benefits of being educated at a large university while living and studying in a small, friendly community. The tutorial system means that you are likely to receive much more personal tuition and greater pastoral support than other universities can offer.

What is a tutorial?

Tutorials are weekly meetings with a tutor and typically two or three students from your College, to discuss an essay or other written work. These complement lectures and practical classes delivered in the department which all students attend.

Eleanor Pendle

"I am absolutely loving studying geography at Oxford - the best thing is the tutorial system which offers in-depth explorations in small groups with your tutor of what you've been reading about, which are always challenging, engaging and exciting!"
Eleanor, Geography undergraduate


Can you dig deep?

You won't just scratch the surface of your subject at Oxford. Every week at tutorials in your college you'll have a chance to really interrogate a topic, one-on-one with your tutor.

Tutors are looking for students who match academic achievement with enthusiasm, commitment and an awareness of the world around them.

"Being taught by world leaders in our subject, both in lectures and tutorials, helps provide a real insight into current discussions and research in geography."

Ben, Geography undergraduate

Which college should I choose?

You can choose a college at the application stage, or alternatively submit an Open Application and a college will be selected for you. There are 14 colleges at Oxford which admit Geography students.

Not all colleges accept geography undergraduates. The colleges which do accept geography undergraduate students, and the likely number of places offered each year, are listed below. Browse our staff webpages to discover who you might be taught by and please see individual college websites, via the links below, for information about additional tutors.

* Please note - this is only an indication of the number of likely offers each year, the actual number offered by the college varies from year to year.

If you would like to find more about a particular college, please visit their website, where you will find information and contact details for college staff.

More information about colleges

More information about the University's colleges is available on the University website.

How to choose a college