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Oxford's application process runs about three months ahead of the rest of the country's UCAS application process.

Ella Duffy

"While the application process may seem daunting, it's all worth it to study such an interesting and applicable course in such a beautiful city."

Ella, Geography undergraduate, writing about her experience of coming to Oxford from a state school.

Selection Criteria

You don't have to have travelled the world, and we don't care what type of school you attended - all that matters is that you are academically able and motivated by an intellectual curiosity.

Competition for a place for Geography at Oxford is very strong. You should have achieved, or be predicted to achieve, either:

There are no required subjects you must have studied, although nearly all applicants have studied Geography.

For candidates applying in 2021 for entry in 2022 or deferred entry in 2023: all candidates for Geography are required to sit the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) in November. Decisions about which candidates to call for interview will be made on the basis of the performance in the TSA, as well as contextualised GCSE results and other information from the UCAS form.

In our selection criteria we are looking for your potential for independent thinking, ability to follow an argument and problem-solving skills. Applicants will need to display evidence of a strong academic record and an ability to deploy their knowledge in ways that show initiative. Interviews are not a test of knowledge but give candidates the opportunity to respond in a thoughtful way to unpredictable questions and ideas.

Oxford Deadlines

You will need to submit your application by 6pm on 15 October. Put these admissions timeline dates in your diary and start planning your application now.

Applications and Interviews

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