Professor Andrew Goudie

Emeritus Professor in Geography

Academic Profile

Professor Andrew Goudie was Professor of Geography and a Fellow of Hertford College from 1984 to 2003. A distinguished physical geographer, he was awarded the DSc by the University in 2002, a Royal Medal from the Royal Geographical Society in 1991, the Prize of the Royal Belgian Academy for 2002. He was President of the British Institute in Eastern Africa, 2011-2016, and from September 2005-2009 he was President of the International Association of Geomorphologists. He has recently been Director of the China Centre, Oxford (2011-2013), President of the Geographical Association, President of Section E of the British Association, and Chairman of the British Geomorphological Research Group. He is a former Delegate of the Oxford University Press and a former Pro-Vice Chancellor. Professor Goudie was Master of St Cross College, Oxford, from 2003 to 2011. He was awarded the Geological Society of America's Farouk El-Baz Prize for desert research in 2007, the David Linton Award of the British Society for Geomorphology in 2009, Honorary Fellowship of the International Association of Geomorphologists in 2013, and Fellow of the British Society for Geomorphology in 2014.

He has two daughters, and his interests include collecting old books and gramophone records.

Current Research

Prof. Goudie's main research interests include desert geomorphology, dust storms, weathering, climatic change in the tropics, and the impacts of humans on the environment. He is also undertaking work on the landforms of Dorset and the Cotswolds.