Adam Packer

Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) in Geography and the Environment - Degree completed in 2022

Supervisor: Professor Gillian Rose

Governing Oxfordshire's smart city and innovation-led growth agenda: What is the role of citizens?

Academic Profile

Adam started his ESRC-funded DPhil in Geography and the Environment at St John’s College in 2017. The research examines discourses of citizenship across several smart city projects being developed and implemented in Oxfordshire. His interests more widely involve the societal implications of digital technologies on everyday life, including on individual and collective identities.

Adam has run practical sessions on interviewing and visual methods for the undergraduate ‘Geographical Techniques’ module and he will be supporting MSc students completing CUREC Ethics Approval procedures in his role as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in Trinity term 2020. Adam is also a Postgraduate Representative for the Digital Geographies Research Group at the Royal Geographical Society.

Adam Packer