How we assess DPhil applications

Read the form we use to assess every DPhil application:

Potential supervisor assessment of application for graduate study

Name of Applicant 
Course Applied ForDoctor of Philosophy in Geography and the Environment
Funding (if known) 
Assessed by 

Please note Divisional guidelines for supervision is a maximum of 8 students for associate professors without tutorial fellowships and 6 for those with.

Please tick relevant box :
Bachelor resultsLower Second (2:ii) and below or equivalent
Low Upper Second (2:i) or equivalent
Solid Upper Second (2:i) or equivalent
High Upper Second (2:i) or equivalent
Borderline / Low First Class or equivalent
Solid First Class or equivalent
Outstanding First Class or equivalent
Achieved: Predicted (by Assessor/s):
Masters (or other) resultsLow Pass or equivalent
Solid Pass or equivalent
High Pass / Merit or equivalent
Distinction or equivalent
Achieved: Predicted (by Assessor/s):
Experience equivalent to degree standardYes No
Written workStrong undergraduate-level work
Consistent first-class work at undergraduate level
Demonstrates signs / potential of postgraduate-level analytical and critical acumen
Consistent postgraduate-level analytical and critical acumen
Some signs of doctoral-level work
Consistent signs of doctoral-level work
ReferencesSignificant reservations
Lukewarm, noncommittal support
Generally worded support, or suggesting strong rather than outstanding applicant
Convincingly strong support with reference to relevant academic skills
PreparednessGenerally short on background knowledge and skills
Serious lack of subject-specific or relevant training
Gaps in background knowledge which could be remedied by judicious or guided reading
Solid background, but applicant may require specific training (e.g. linguistic)
Excellent background knowledge and/or relevant linguistic skills
ProposalNo identified project
General indication of interests only
Badly conceived project or overworked subject (especially for research applicants)
Project requires honing and development but has clear potential and viability
Well-conceived and viable project which also demonstrates the applicant's potential
Promising and original project, seemingly matched by the applicant's strengths
Academic FitNo supervision available within department
Assessment Comments

Overall RecommendationOffer
Please indicate if you are willing to supervise this applicantPlease print name
Your ranking of student 1-5
(1 being highest)


If you feel that the candidate should be considered for scholarships, please complete the table below.

The candidate indicates that they have already has secured funding
(delete as appropriate)
Yes / No
Proposed studentship
(if known)
Outstanding achievements
(if applicable; not pre-requisite for funding)
Top 5% of UG/MA cohort
Published (including peer-reviewed) work in their field
Originality / significance of the proposed project 
Candidate's suitability for the project
(particularly significant in cases where the candidate's record may be uneven)
Fit with Oxford
(particular studentships / resources / supervisors / research clusters that mean the candidate would especially benefit from being in Oxford or that we would especially benefit from having them)
Other comments
(e.g. comparison with other candidates you recommend for funding / enthusiasm of referees)
Scholarship Ranking 1-5
(1 being highest)

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If you have any questions about the University's application process you are strongly advised to contact the University of Oxford Graduate Admissions Office, tel: +44 (0)1865 270059, or by e-mail: taking particular care to follow the instructions in the automatic reply, in the first instance.

If you have any further questions that have not been answered by the information provided above then please contact the Research Degrees Coordinator at the School of Geography and the Environment.