Policy and Criteria for Student Visitors

Student Visitors

The status of Recognised Student (Visiting Student status) within Oxford University is intended primarily for graduates of some years' standing engaged in research elsewhere who wish to work in Oxford on a specific topic under the guidance of an academic familiar with the chosen area of study. Information on applications for the recognised (visiting) student programme.

Student visitor status within the School of Geography and the Environment is an honorary and temporary category of association, normally for less than 6 months, for graduates who have a demonstrable link with a named academic staff member or research cluster.

Information on the Student Visitor policy

  1. This policy statement relates principally to those students who are not (a) direct students in the School - nor (b) covered by the University procedures for awarding visiting student status.
  2. 'Visitor' status is an honorary category of association and indicates its temporary/fixed term nature and distinguishes it from admitted students.
  3. The award is governed by two main principles:
    1. Any such status should be for a fixed time period - normally, up to 6 months, renewable once for a further 6 month period. Renewal will be subject to an assessment of a new application on a case by case basis.
    2. The award of student visitor status should be dependent upon a demonstrable association with one or more of the following:
      1. a named academic staff member;
      2. a research cluster / group (including ECI, SSEE and TSU).
      Thus, the case for visitor status must be supported in writing by a relevant academic staff member.
    3. The award of student visitor status may entitle the holder to access to University and/or School services, subject to the following charges:
      1. a compulsory standard administration charge of £50 to cover processing costs;
      2. a bench-fee of £5,000 per annum (pro-rata) if access to hot-desking and office facilities are required;
      3. there may be an additional charge, where applicable, to cover visa/work permit fees. Applicants must liaise with the School's HR Office to ensure that they meet the UK Border Agency's visa and work permit requirements before making an application. Please see the UK Border Agency website for more information.
      Such charges are to be met by the applicant or the SoGE nominator.
  4. Please note that applications must be signed by the applicant and nominator before they can be processed.
  5. All applications for the award of student visitor status must be made using the following application form:

Please note you may need to download this form in order to complete it.

If you have any queries, or have problems completing the application form, please contact Abi Johnston or Thomas Graham via

Please send completed application forms to