Schools outreach

The School of Geography and the Environment engages with school groups of all ages above Key Stage 2, and we are always happy to speak with any keen young Geographers!

For Key Stage 5 (sixth form), our activities tend to focus on encouraging pupils to consider Geography at university, and giving them insights into what studying Geography at Oxford is like. For younger pupils, our activities are more focused on getting young people interested in the subject of Geography through showcasing our own research and highlighting the interesting topics you can learn about as a Geographer.

If you would like to arrange a visit from our staff to your school, or to enquire about bringing a group to Oxford, please contact our Access and Outreach Officer at We are also happy to arrange online talks and workshops. All activities are completely free of charge, and we welcome requests from schools located anywhere in the UK.

Please note that we are only able to organise activities with schools based in the United Kingdom. All activities are subject to staff availability, and priority is given to state schools and students from backgrounds which are currently under-represented in undergraduate cohorts at Oxford.

We regularly post updates and information on our Twitter and Instagram , so make sure you follow to stay informed.

The university also organises a range of programmes for schools and young people - you can learn more about the university's initiatives on the University's Increasing access webpage.

College outreach

Colleges also engage with schools through their own outreach programmes, particularly in their linked regions. You can find out which college is responsible for your area on the Oxford's Regional Outreach webpage.

If you would like a session or visit that is focused on applying to Oxford or student life more broadly, please contact your linked college and they will be happy to assist. Please note that not all colleges that take undergraduate students offer Geography - please see our information on which colleges take Geography students.