Martin Michette


Academic Profile

Martin works on the conservation of the built environment. His research interests are natural building materials, historic architecture, and urban resource management. The focus of his research lies in reducing the environmental impact of buildings by identifying and promoting synergies between low energy technologies, cultural heritage, and natural systems. He is a member of Oxford Resilient Buildings and Landscapes (OxRBL).

He completed his DPhil at the School of Geography and the Environment in June 2020. He also holds degrees in Architecture (BSc), Architectural Conservation (MEng), and Science in Engineering in Arts Heritage and Archaeology (MRes).

Besides his academic career, Martin continues to work in industry. He has experience of architectural practice and is currently training to become a chartered surveyor.

Current Research

Learning from Reigate Stone: Opening barriers to the effective, cross-disciplinary management of vulnerable historic masonry

This project is addressing the lack of effective knowledge transfer between scientific research and architectural conservation practice. This arises from the interdisciplinary nature of conservation, which poses a barrier to effective communication. The project will provide an online, Creative Commons platform to transfer knowledge between scientists, practitioners and stakeholders focusing on an important, vulnerable building stone (Reigate).

Pompeii Sustainable Preservation Project

Martin is project managing a sub-project within this multi-institute collaboration, which is addressing the conservation of archaeological sites. Martin's project is investigating the use of locally sourced clay barriers as a low energy solution to protecting buildings from ground moisture.

Selected Publications

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