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Ian Klinke is an Associate Professor in Human Geography and Tutorial Fellow at St John's College. Before joining the School of Geography and the Environment as a postdoctoral research fellow in 2013, he held positions in political geography at University College London (UCL) and Queen's University Belfast (QUB). Ian's PhD (2011) and MA (2007) were obtained at UCL. His undergraduate is from Maastricht University (2006).

Current Research

Situated within political geography, Ian's work has focused on three interrelated areas: the tradition of German geopolitics, the material landscapes of the Cold War and the geographies of European (dis)union. Posing both historical and contemporary questions, his research combines an interest in critical social theory with multi-method empirical work.

Ian's 2018 book Cryptic concrete: A subterranean journey into Cold War Germany sheds new light on the history of geo- and biopolitics through an analysis of the strategic discourses and physical architecture of nuclear war in early Cold War West Germany. A German translation of Cryptic Concrete book will appear in 2019. More recently, Ian has worked on the controversial German geographer Friedrich Ratzel (1844-1904) and the revival of geopolitical thought in 21st century Germany. Ian has given invited seminars across Europe, North America and Asia and has spoken at events organised by Chatham House, English Heritage and the Scottish Parliament. He co-edits a book series with Jason Dittmer (UCL) under the title Geopolitical Bodies, Material Worlds.


Ian contributes to a number of Prelims and FHS courses and convenes a third year option entitled 'Geography at war'. He supervises DPhil students on a variety of topics and would welcome further doctoral projects in the following areas: geo- and biopolitics, Cold War architecture, thinkers of war and space, the history of German geography, contemporary German politics.

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