Remote sensing to assess ecosystem change and restoration in tropical mountain ecosystems



Current Research

Tina is a German-Italian DPhil student passionate about the interactions between vegetation, climate and biodiversity. Her phD project investigates how ecosystem restoration in the tropics can be monitored and improved with satellite data. Specifically, she plans to apply her research on understudied tropical montane ecosystems, such as alpine grasslands and montane forests, to fill knowledge gaps in restoration research. Tina speaks six languages, has modelling skills in various software and likes to combine methodologies in a creative way.


Prior to her DPhil, Tina studied a Master in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management at Oxford. Her master's research focussed on the functional ecology and conservation of tropical montane ecosystems in South America's Atlantic Forest. Before that Tina did a bachelor in Ecology and Environmental planning in Berlin and researched the interactions between grassland phenology and the urban heat island - a project that planted the seed for her enthusiasm on ecosystem science. Tina was a high-performance rower for the German National Team and has a great passion for outdoor endurance sport.

Current Teaching