Sugandha Srivastav

Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) in Geography and the Environment - Degree completed in 2022

Supervisor: Professor Cameron Hepburn

Essays on the post-carbon transition

Academic Profile

Sugandha is DPhil candidate in Environmental Economics at the University of Oxford supervised by Prof Cameron Hepburn and Dr Jacquelyn Pless.

Sugandha's research interests include the:

  • economics of innovation
  • environmental economics
  • public economics
  • political economy

Her current research assesses the impact of risk-reducing policies in incentivizing frontier innovation; the interaction of market failures and its effect on the direction of innovation; and the political-economy of energy transitions.

She previously worked as an environmental economist at Vivid Economics in London, and prior to that, as a trade economist at ICRIER in New Delhi.

Sugandha has worked with governments, international organisations and private firms to advise on various aspects of climate policy.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles


Sugandha Srivastav
Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment