Saskia Nowicki

Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) in Geography and the Environment - Degree completed in 2022

Supervisors: Professor Katrina Charles and Professor David Bradley

Health Risk in Complex Adaptive Rural Water Systems

Academic Profile

Saskia completed her degree in 2022. Saskia works on understanding, measuring, and communicating water risks and trade-offs, especially as they relate to environmental health. She is a proponent of interdisciplinary systems thinking and has a background in environmental science with specialisation in water science, policy and management. Her current research focuses on drinking-water safety in rural Kenya, using mixed-methods to seek insight at multiple levels from the molecular to the institutional.

Saskia is working with the REACH water security programme and the Water Programme of the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment and is part of the Oxford Water Network leadership team. She is invested in learning about and applying feminist and anti-racist approaches to research and participates in the Community of Women in Water (CWiW) and a post-graduate anti-racism collective within SoGE. Through a knowledge-exchange funded Water Learning Partnership, Saskia has also been working on developing teaching resources and activities with schools in Kenya and Cameroon, supporting them to make the most of water as an interdisciplinary and universally relevant learning topic.

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