Rob Ferritto

Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) in Geography and the Environment

Supervisor: Professor Katrina Charles

Using a feminist ethic of care to evaluate women's engagement with digital economy in Ethiopia

Academic Profile

Rob has a broad academic background, holding bachelor's degrees in chemical engineering and economics, and a MPhil degree in Water Science, Policy and Management (where his thesis involved investigating women's empowerment in gender-focused and non-gender-focused interventions in Ethiopia). His current research stems from his passion for fairness and equity - particularly across the gender spectrum - and involves developing an evaluative framework and tool for interventions through a feminist ethic of care lens to ultimately evaluate how policy is helping women to engage in the digital economy in Ethiopia. 

Outside of his academics, Rob enjoys spending time with friends and family, watching movies, dabbling in a variety of sports such as tennis and rowing, and is currently working to become a Grandmaster in Catan (Cities and Knights).

Rob Ferritto
Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment