Lena I. Fuldauer

Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) in Geography and the Environment - Degree completed in 2022

Supervisor: Professor Jim Hall

Climate-resilient system transitions to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals

Current Research

Achieving sustainable development while tackling climate change are two of the greatest global challenges for the 21st century. As a response to these challenges, the international community has pledged to act towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement on climate change. The built and natural environment can play a large role in delivering on these pledges by providing essential services such as low-carbon energy, healthcare or flood protection services.

This research project is aimed at co-developing transferable system methodology to help decision-makers adapt to climate change impacts whilst delivering on the SDGs. The project is being implemented together with the United Nations, the Government of St. Lucia, the Government of Ghana, and the Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium and is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

You can read an overview of Lena's research to date on the St Edmund Hall website.

Overall outputs

  • Three paper publications in target journals including Nature Climate Change and Global Environmental Change.
  • Presentation at national and intergovernmental level with focus on linking the Sustainable Development and climate adaptation agenda under the Paris Agreement.
  • Insights from model application strengthen understanding of systems dynamics and assists policy-makers to:
    1. Inform prioritisation of adaptation investments for sustainable development outcomes.
    2. Facilitate development of effective linkages between climate change issues and development planning by improving social resilience.
    3. Contribute to sustainable development through co-developing and engaging stakeholders in the process of planning.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Book Chapters



  • Fuldauer, L.I. (2020) Chapter 1: Spatially asseessing hazard impacts. In: Allianz. A glimpse of tomorrow how the consequences of climate change are already evident and how they can be tackled. Munich, Allianz, p.10-11. Available online.