Public finance and drinking water services in rural Africa and Asia


Academic Profile

Kristina Nilsson's current research examines innovative public financing models which can support the sustained delivery of drinking water services in rural Africa and Asia. This builds on her experience collaborating with governments, donors, enterprises, and water users, to research, evaluate, and implement strategies targeting sustainable water service provision in developing contexts. This project aims to contribute to understanding how the greatest value for these rural water services can be extracted from public funds, to meet the increasing needs for operational financing to sustain rural water services.

Kristina has over a decade of experience in governance and international development, focused on water and sanitation service delivery, through work in Nepal, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malawi, and with multi-country and global projects. She has gained experience at multiple levels: living in rural communities with inadequate water and sanitation services, supporting local district governments, managing and coordinating government and NGO projects, and working within national government ministries, evaluating global development programs, and researching the approaches of water service providers globally. This has granted her insight into the urgency of, challenges to, and also some opportunities for, improving rural water and sanitation services in developing contexts.

Her previous work has included researching and evaluating multi-country systems strengthening and financing initiatives, managing monitoring and evaluation for multi-partner programs, and leading and evaluating water and sanitation governance initiatives, with organisations including Uptime Global, REACH-Water and the Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN), Welthungerhilfe, Concern Worldwide, and Engineers Without Borders Canada. She holds a postgraduate diploma in global health policy from the University of Edinburgh, and a Bachelor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Leadership from the University of New Brunswick.