Joris Bücker

Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) in Geography and the Environment

Supervisors: Prof. Doyne Farmer and Dr Matt Ives

Long term (economic) policy tools based on complexity economics and the non-linear planetary impact of climate change

Academic Profile

Joris Bücker is a DPhil candidate at the School of Geography and the Environment under supervision of Cameron Hepburn and Doyne Farmer. His current research focuses on developing economic models using complexity science to get a grip on the transition to net-zero economies. His research interests include the economics of climate change, non-linear dynamics, evolution, and complexity science in the broadest sense.

Joris holds an MSc in Complex System Modelling from King's College London and a BSc in Econometrics from the University of Amsterdam. Prior to starting his DPhil he worked in both data science and corporate strategy.

Joris Bücker
Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment