Jasem A Albanai

Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) in Geography and the Environment

Supervisors: Prof Giles Wiggs and Prof David Thomas

Remote sensing of aeolian dynamics

Academic Profile

Jasem is a DPhil candidate researching machine learning and remotely sensed methods to understand aeolian processes and morphology in the Middle East and the State of Kuwait. He is part of the Landscape Dynamics Research cluster and a member of Hertford College.

Previous to Oxford, Jasem holds a BA and MSc degrees in physical geography and GIScience from Kuwait University with teaching experience. He also earned another MSc degree from the University of Trieste, in cooperation with the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (OGS) and the Abdus Salam - International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Italy, focusing on satellite ocean’s sustainability. Jasem has received ESRI Young Scholar Award at GIS Users conference in San Diego and Kuwait Encouragement Award, among others, for his contributions to geography.

His previous experience includes working for Kuwait Environmental Public Authority (KEPA) for more than 5 years, collecting and analysing environmental data, and being a peer-reviewer for Springer and Elsevier journals among others. He is passionate about improving his knowledge in remote sensing and spatial modelling applications in different sub-fields of geography, where he completed related courses at Harvard University and NASA.

Selected Publications

Selected books

  • Albanai, J.A. (2023) Remote sensing of Kuwait environment. 1st ed. Kuwait centre for research and studies. ISBN: 978-9921-750-61-4
  • Albanai, J.A. (2021) Coastal Atlas of The State of Kuwait: Geomorphology from Space and Atmosphere. 1st ed. Kuwait Foundation for The Advancement of Science. ISBN: 978-9921-753-24-0
  • Albanai, J.A. (2022) Climate change story. 1st ed. Natural Sciences Center. ISBN: 978-9921-781-02-1
  • Albanai, J.A. (2019) The Science of Where: Introduction to GIS. 1st Ed. EsriKuwait. ISBN: 978-9921-0-0623-0
  • Wegener. A. (1929) The origin of continents and oceans (Ahmad Ghali & Jasem Albanai, translators). Natural Sciences Center. (1st Arabic translation, 2020) ISBN: 978-9921-0-1407-5

Selected articles

Jasem M Albanai
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