The low-carbon transition of the global electricity sector



Galina is working towards her DPhil degree under the direction of Dr Ben Caldecott of the Sustainable Finance Programme and Prof Cameron Hepburn of the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment. She focuses on the transition of the electricity sector towards renewable energy and away from fossil fuel-based power generation. In her research, Galina applies machine-learning-based techniques.

Prior to her doctoral studies, she worked at the OECD in Paris on the policy issues at the nexus of climate change, natural resource management and development finance. Her experience also includes working in the Government of Namibia, advising the Minister and Permanent Secretary of Industrialisation and Trade in key policy decisions. She started her career as an economist at the UK Department for Communities and Local Government and in the Chief Economic Adviser's Office of the Scottish Government.

Galina holds an MPhil in spatial economics and urban planning from the University of Cambridge and MA in Economics from the University of Glasgow.

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