Climate-smart green infrastructure



Changsoon Choi is a Korean government-supported scholar currently undertaking a DPhil study at the Environmental Change Institute (ECI), part of the School of Geography and the Environment. His research interests lie in nature-based solutions to climate change adaptation and mitigation including green infrastructure planning for water management and renewable energy provision.

His DPhil research explores the Climate-smart Green Infrastructure that addresses both climate adaptation and mitigation toward climate-resilient pathways for sustainable urban development. In particular, the study focuses on the synergies and trade-offs associated with climate action as well as with other environmental, economical, and social aspects in planning process.

Prior to the DPhil study, Changsoon studied landscape architecture and urban planning during his master and bachelor studies in the Netherlands and Korea respectively. His two MSc dissertations focused on urban energy metabolism in Amsterdam and integrated adaptation and mitigation strategies in the North Sea.

Current Research

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