The School of Geography and the Environment will consider applications for the Recognised Student Programme. Recognised Student status is given to graduate research students who are registered with another university and have been admitted by a University of Oxford department to undertake research for their degree for a minimum of one and maximum of three terms. Recognised Students are not affiliated to an Oxford College or hall and will not receive an Oxford qualification or any formal accreditation for their studies here.

This programme at the School of Geography and the Environment is run for outstanding doctoral students who wish to contribute to, and participate in, the work of the School of Geography and the Environment. They will have the active support of an academic advisor from within the School. Recognised Students are given the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of activities and are expected to participate in and contribute to the collaborative research culture of the School in consultation with their advisor.

The objectives of our Recognised Student Programme are to:

  • contribute actively to the School's research activities;
  • develop and promote links with other institutions, governments and organisations in the UK and overseas; and
  • provide doctoral students with the opportunity to work with leading academics and professionals.

For further information on Recognised Student Status and for information on how to apply, please see the Recognised Students information on the University website.

Admissions Procedures

In order to start the application process you will need to get in touch with the School of Geography and the Environment and obtain agreement from a member of the academic staff who is prepared to act as your Academic Advisor. You can find a list of our academic staff and their research interests on our potential supervisors and topics for DPhil research webpage.

You should also seek approval from the School for your visit. Please contact Ruth Saxton, the Research Degrees Coordinator.

Once you have found an academic staff member who is prepared to act as your Academic Advisor and the School has given approval for your visit, you will be sent letters of support for your application. As soon as you have received these letters, you will need to make an application - this application can be submitted online. You will find information about this together with the guidance notes on the University's Application Forms webpage.

It is your responsibility to check how long it will take to obtain a Visa in your country and to plan the submission of your application accordingly.

You should also ensure that the start of your stay corresponds with the start date of any particular academic term.

Once your submitted application is received, the School will send you an official offer letter and a University contract to sign and return.