Geography and the Environment Mentoring Scheme

What is Mentoring?

Geography and the Environment Mentoring SchemeMentoring can be a transformative experience for both mentor and mentee, assisting you in developing in your role, professional life and career. Mentoring uses confidential one-to-one conversations to enhance skills, knowledge and performance. Mentors often have releavent knowledge or experience of the mentee's experience of work to share with them.

Mentors can be:

  • A Sounding board
  • A facilitator
  • A role model
  • An expert
  • A source of feedback
  • A confidant
  • An advisor
  • A coach

If you're interested in learning more about GEMS you can you can read our handbook and learn more on the SoGE Intranet.

If you have any questions about GEMS, or MentorNet or you would like to share feedback, thoughts or resources, please email