Information on our academic staff, their college affiliations and research interests is presented below. You can find out more about the staff members and their colleges by following the respective links.

The School has five major research clusters, with permeable boundaries and significant cross-cutting interests. These clusters are underpinned by external research funding; specialist computing and laboratory facilities; active postgraduate and postdoctoral communities; support staff; and non-academic collaborations. More information on our research clusters is provided on the cluster webpages:

NameCollege(s)Summary of Research Interests
Professor Myles AllenProfessor Myles Allen
Professor of Geosystem Science
Linacre College, OxfordLinacre CollegeHow human and natural influences on climate contribute to observed climate change and risks of extreme weather and in quantifying their implications for long-range climate forecasts.
Dr Richard BaileyDr Richard Bailey
Associate Professor in Geochronology
St Catherine's College, OxfordSt Catherine's CollegeThe dynamics of natural environmental systems and coupled human-environment interactions over a range of timescales and contexts. Understanding the dynamics of human, environmental, and coupled human-environmental systems, using mathematical modelling, numerical simulations, and empirical data analysis.
Dr Daniel BosDr Daniel Bos
Departmental Research Lecturer
No college affiliationCurrent research explores three interconnected areas: Visual Culture and Geopolitics; Audiences; and Production and Marketing.
Dr Martin CoombesDr Martin Coombes
Departmental Lecturer in Physical Geography
The two-way interactions between organisms and the physical environment; rock breakdown in intertidal environments (particularly microbial bioweathering and bioerosion, and barnacle colonisation); the bioprotective roles of common animals and plants at the coast and on historic walls; and opportunities for ecological enhancement in engineering design. Other areas of interest include bioturbation by burrowing animals, urban biodiversity and ecosystem services, and stone deterioration and conservation in the built environment.
Dr Simon DadsonDr Simon Dadson
Associate Professor in Physical Geography
Christ Church, OxfordChrist ChurchProcesses that link climate, hydrology, and geomorphology.
Dr Patricia DaleyDr Patricia Daley
Associate Professor in Human Geography
Jesus College, OxfordJesus CollegeSub-Saharan Africa, especially topics on issues of forced migration; humanitarianism; gender; militarism; violence and ethnicity; as well as on aspects of political ecology in relation to land tenure; natural resource exploitation; community management of natural resources; forestry; indigenous knowledge; and wildlife conservation.
Dr Brendan DoodyDr Brendan Doody
Research Associate in Urban Mobility
No college affiliationBrendan is interested in the social, cultural and environmental implications of contemporary lifestyles. Currently, he is seeking to understand the persistence and likelihood of transitions away from car-dependent societies focusing on mobility cultures and politics, emerging markets and economies, and environmental governance.
Professor Danny DorlingProfessor Danny Dorling
Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography
St Peter's College, OxfordSt Peter's CollegeIssues of housing, health, employment, education, wealth and poverty.
Dr Marion ErnweinDr Marion Ernwein
Departmental Lecturer in Human Geography
No college affiliationHer research seeks to import the insights of affect geography into political ecology, exploring a) the affective labour involved in the making of environmental volunteers, b) the technological artefacts devised by environmentalist organizations to affect and move bodies, c) the (re)valuation of non-human affective work in contemporary neoliberal environmental management.
Dr Dustin Evan GarrickDr Dustin Evan Garrick
Departmental Research Lecturer in Environmental and Resource Management
No college affiliationProperty rights and resource allocation; collective action and the commons; environmental governance; water allocation reform and water markets; decentralisation and disaster risk governance with an emphasis on drought; the institutional analysis and development (IAD) framework.
Dr Richard GrenyerDr Richard Grenyer
Associate Professor in Biodiversity and Biogeography
Jesus College, OxfordJesus CollegeConservation - in particular conservation strategy, systematic conservation planning, biodiversity measurement and valuation. Biogeography, ecology and evolutionary ecology - particularly of mammals and plants. Phylogeography and phyloinformatics.
Dr Beth GreenhoughDr Beth Greenhough
Associate Professor in Human Geography
Keble College, OxfordKeble CollegeSocial implications of scientific innovations in the areas of health, biomedicine and the environment; Social, cultural and ethical processes through which humans and animals are made available as experimental subjects for biomedical research; New theoretical and methodological approaches within Geography better able to capture the material and affective dimensions of human-environment relations and how these are being reconfigured through biotechnological innovation.
Dr Neil HartDr Neil Hart
Departmental Lecturer in Physical Geography and Career Development Fellow
Christ Church College, OxfordChrist Church CollegeWeather and climate variability, predictability and change, with a curiosity about interactions between processes across spatio-temporal scales. Dynamics of regional climate change. Subtropical hydroclimates.
Dr Ian KlinkeDr Ian Klinke
Associate Professor in Human Geography
St John's College, OxfordSt John's CollegeGeopolitics and political geography, Germany, the Cold War, military landscapes, biopolitics, far-right politics, intellectual history, European integration.
Dr Sneha KrishnanDr Sneha Krishnan
Associate Professor in Human Geography
Brasenose, OxfordBrasenose CollegeAs a cultural and historical geographer, Sneha is interested in gender, childhood and the intersections of bio- and geopolitics in postcolonial contexts.
Dr Anna Lora-WainwrightDr Anna Lora-Wainwright
Associate Professor in the Human Geography of China
St Cross College, OxfordSt Cross CollegeEnvironmental health controversies, transition and social change in rural China, anthropological theory and ethnography. More specific topics: political ecology with particular interest in pollution and rural China, popular epidemiology and perceptions of risk, questioning the lay-expert divide, grassroots responses to health inequalities (especially in China and the developing world), cross-cultural environmental activism and environmental health activism, controversies in cancer epidemiology and lay cancer epidemiology.
Dr Jamie LorimerDr Jamie Lorimer
Associate Professor in Human Geography
Hertford College, OxfordHertford CollegeCultural geography, the geographies of science, the politics of Nature and wildlife conservation.
Dr Marc Macias-FauriaDr Marc Macias-Fauria
Associate Professor in Physical Geography
St Peter's College, OxfordSt Peter's CollegeAn ecologist with a special focus on cold environments, his research is directed at understanding the coupling of physical and biological systems over a wide range of spatial and temporal scales. Understanding ecological and biogeographic processes - such as species range shifts through local extinction and migration - through the use and interpretation of long-term and palaeoecological records (e.g. fossil pollen, tree-rings, macrofossils), and modelling.
Professor Yadvinder MalhiProfessor Yadvinder Malhi
Professor of Ecosystem Science
Oriel College, OxfordOriel CollegeInteractions between forest ecosystems, climate change and land-use change, including the utility of forest protection in mitigating climate change. Techniques applied in this research include plant ecophysiology, long term forest monitoring and short-term expeditions, forest micrometerological and flux measurements, manipulative experiments, and satellite remote sensing of intact forests and deforestation. His interests are global, but particularly focus on tropical forests, especially in the Andes and Amazon, and more recently on the woodlands of the Upper Thames.
Dr Fiona McConnellDr Fiona McConnell
Associate Professor in Human Geography
St Catherine's College, OxfordSt Catherine's CollegeThe everyday construction of statehood and sovereignty in cases of tenuous territoriality. Theories of sovereignty, and the relationship between territory and authority; theories of the state and the use of ethnographic methods to uncover everyday state practices; political and legal identities, including refugeehood, citizenship and diaspora; and transnational governance, governmentality and democracy.
Dr Derek McCormackDr Derek McCormack
Associate Professor in Human Geography
Mansfield College, OxfordMansfield CollegeCultural geographies of the body, performance and mobility; geographies of affect and emotion; social theory and philosophies of space; urban cultural geographies; cultural geographies of art and creativity.
Dr Caitlin McElroyDr Caitlin McElroy
Departmental Research Lecturer
No college affiliationThe interactions between the mining industry, environment, and development. The institutional challenges to private sector involvement in development through an investigation of the use of corporate foundations in the mining industry.
Dr Janey MessinaDr Janey Messina
Associate Professor in Quantitative Social Science Methods
Green Templeton College, OxfordGreen Templeton CollegeHealth geography; spatial epidemiology of infectious diseases; the application of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and quantitative analysis to public health and social science research questions; and population-environment interactions, particularly in developing countries.
Dr Amber MurreyDr Amber Murrey
Associate Professor in Human Geography
Mansfield College, OxfordMansfield College
Dr Nick MiddletonDr Nick Middleton
College Lecturer
St Anne's College, OxfordSt Anne's CollegeArid geomorphology.
Professor Gillian RoseProfessor Gillian Rose
Professor of Human Geography
St John's College, OxfordSt John's CollegeResearch interests lie broadly within the field of visual culture.
Dr Tim SchwanenDr Tim Schwanen
Associate Professor in Transport Studies,
Director of the TSU
St Anne's College, OxfordSt Anne's CollegeThe intersection of urban, transport, cultural and political and economic geography. It is international in outlook, interdisciplinary in scope and both theoretically oriented and empirical in nature. Key research interests include: geographies of mobility; transitions to low-carbon living and societies; geographies of ageing; geographies of well-being; and research methodology and conceptualisations of time in geography.
Dr Louise SlaterDr Louise Slater
Associate Professor in Physical Geography
Hertford College, OxfordHertford CollegeLouise's research focuses on understanding and predicting changes in fluvial systems and floods in the context of contemporary shifts in both climate and land cover.
Professor David S.G. ThomasProfessor David S.G. Thomas
Professor of Geography
Hertford College, OxfordHertford CollegeQuaternary environments in the low latitudes, especially Africa; luminescence dating applications; aeolain systems; land degradation and human-environment interactions in drylands and Africa; climate change impacts and adaptation.
Dr Alex VasudevanDr Alex Vasudevan
Associate Professor in Human Geography
Christ Church, OxfordChrist ChurchThe history of squatting in Europe and North America and its relationship to broader currents in contemporary urban thinking.
Professor Heather VilesProfessor Heather Viles
Professor of Biogeomorphology and Heritage Conservation,
Head of School of Geography and the Environment
Worcester College, OxfordWorcester CollegeGeomorphology and environmental change (especially in arid and karst environments); building stone deterioration and conservation; weathering and rock breakdown (especially in arid, coastal, karst and other extreme environments); rock breakdown on Mars and other planets.
Professor Richard WashingtonProfessor Richard Washington
Professor of Climate Science
Keble College, OxfordKeble CollegeAfrican climate science; climate change and variability in Africa; rainfall variability and prediction in Africa; mineral aerosol (dust) production and transport in Africa.
Dr Kevin WheelerDr Kevin Wheeler
Research Associate
No college affiliationMulti-objective management of rivers for evolving uses of water (agriculture, municipal, energy) while sustaining healthy environmental conditions. A particular focus is on transboundary river basins, impacts of climate change, and risk-based systems modelling that facilitates multi-stakeholder negotiations.
Professor Robert J. WhittakerProfessor Robert J. Whittaker
Professor of Biogeography
St Edmund College, OxfordSt Edmund HallIsland ecology and biogeography; conservation biogeography; diversity theory.
Professor Giles WiggsProfessor Giles Wiggs
Reader in Aeolian Geomorphology
Brasenose College, OxfordBrasenose CollegeMeasuring and modelling aeolian processes in deserts with an emphasis on aeolian sediment transport; sand dune dynamics; dynamics of aeolian dust; desert geomorphology; and low latitude environmental change. Research techniques include fieldwork in southern Africa, Middle East, Central Asia and Australia in combination with wind tunnel and computer modelling. Enquiries concerning any aspect of desert geomorphology are welcomed.
Dr Lorraine WildDr Lorraine Wild
College Lecturer
Urban and rural planning.
Professor Dariusz WójcikProfessor Dariusz Wójcik
Associate Professor
St Peter's College, OxfordSt Peter's CollegeGeographies of finance, economic geography, financial centres and global cities (including Shanghai and Dubai), emerging market economies, corporate governance, environmental finance (including carbon markets), varieties and models of capitalism, geography of advanced business services (including finance, law, management consultancy and accountancy).