Tutors responsible for admitting undergraduates in Geography will be looking at all the available information from the UCAS form, past and predicted examination results, school reports, and interviews, with a view to assessing the individual candidate's potential to benefit from the academic courses provided by Oxford in Geography. Predicted examination results will be viewed in relation to a minimum standard offer. The minimum offer will normally be A*, AA in A2 examinations, excluding general studies or equivalent. The A* may be in any subject. For the IB the offer will normally be 39 points with 7,6,6 at higher level. Equivalent international qualifications are also accepted. For details, please see the University's information on international qualifications.

Candidates who have achieved or are predicted grades lower than the standard offer will not normally be invited for interview. Otherwise, the decision to invite candidates for interview will be based on the UCAS form and, where available, contextualised GCSE data.

Criteria used to assess performance at interview

The interview is aimed primarily at assessing the candidate's potential for independent thinking, ability to follow an argument, comprehension, problem-solving and a spirit of enquiry. It is not a test of knowledge in isolation from context, nor is it a test of verbal facility or social charm. Interviewers will be looking for evidence of ability to respond in a thoughtful way to unpredictable questions and ideas. They will also be looking for evidence that the candidate's interest goes beyond their current academic training, and that they are able to deploy their knowledge in ways that show initiative and enthusiasm. Candidates should be reassured that the weight given to the different criteria will vary according to the individual background and circumstances of each candidate. They are encouraged to contact colleges for further advice and information.

Applications for deferred entry

Applications for deferred entry are welcomed. However, candidates should be aware that applicants for deferred entry are unlikely to be given interviews at other than their college of first choice.

These selection criteria relate specifically to candidates applying to Oxford for a first undergraduate degree. Second undergraduate degree candidates are considered on the basis of their submitted application, and are unlikely to be interviewed, except if resident in North America, South East Asia, or the Indian subcontinent. Entry is very competitive.