You can also see video testimonies and read testimonies from Geography undergraduates on the University of Oxford website.

"It's great being able to listen to and learn from the world leaders in geographical research on a daily basis. This is something that can spark intrigue in topics that you would never have seen yourself being interested in before. Getting to know your coursemates through field trips is the best part of studying geography. Most of my friends from colleg don't really know their own course mates in the same way."

Toby Bunn, Geography undergraduate

"While the application process may seem daunting, its all worth it to study such an interesting and applicable course in such a beautiful city."

Ella Duffy, Geography undergraduate

Read Ella's blog post on her journey to study geography at the School of Geography and the Environment; through navigating the Oxbridge application process, to what it's like living in a college and learning through tutorials.

"Being taught by world leaders in our subject both in lectures and tutorials helps provide a real insight into the current discussions and research in geography. My favourite thing about Geography is the variety; we could have a climate lecture on El Nino closely followed by a class discussing identity or mobility and then a stats practical. There's so much going on in geography and it ensures every day is different!"

Ben Farmer, Geography undergraduate

"I love the variety of Geography at Oxford - one day I'll be studying the geomorphology of Mars, the next I'll be looking at the geographical relevance of drone warfare – and I love the fact that every lecture I have at Oxford, I know I'll be being taught by a world expert. Sometimes they've literally written the book on the subject."

Ben Gardner, Geography undergraduate

"There are so many wonderful things about the course! I love the vibrancy of the department and the depth of learning you get from the tutorial system. As the best thing, I'd go for the camaraderie of geographers - we're all really tight-knit as a subject at college and as a year group of 80. You really feel a sense of belonging!"

Laura Jackson, Geography undergraduate

"I am absolutely loving studying geography at Oxford - it's such a diverse and fascinating subject which is especially the case since we have fab (often world-leading) tutors and lecturers. The best thing is the tutorial system which offers in-depth explorations in small groups with your tutor of what you've been reading about, which are always challenging, engaging and exciting!"

Eleanor Pendle, Geography undergraduate

"The range and scope of opportunities here are endless, and all staff of the School are incredibly passionate about both their field and bringing out the best in us as undergraduates."

Jiayin Sun, Geography undergraduate

"The first year gives a great opportunity to get a grasp on what geography is actually about and how diverse the field is. Attending lectures, practicals and tutorials on a broad range of topics, from plate tectonics to nationalism, to urban exploration, not only makes it easier to choose which modules we want to choose for our further studies but also helps to realise that there are identifiable links between what we learn about and that at the end of the day geography is a complex yet integrated discipline."

Barbara Tanska, Geography undergraduate