WSPM student group going rafting during a field trip to the Ebro River

Fieldwork and field visits are a significant element of the programme's teaching philosophy. Each year there are a number of compulsory residential and one-day field trips that allow students to implement and gain practical experience in different areas of water management based on taught concepts, frameworks and techniques. Our students spend at least two weeks a year in the field as part of the Water Management module, supplementing theoretical classroom studies back in Oxford.

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Field trips commonly include:

  • Residential study tour of water management in the Ebro river from source to delta in northern Spain;
  • Residential geo-hydrological exploration of the Jurassic coastline of Dorset, UK, and site visits to Wessex Water groundwater pumping station;
  • Guided tour of the Jubilee River extension to mitigate flood risks in the lower Thames Basin;
  • One-day field visit of Otmoor wetlands, Oxfordshire, to explore aquatic ecosystem function and undertake macroinvertebrate sampling;
  • Visit to a drinking-water treatment works and waste water treatment plant;
  • Half-day visit to natural flood management features in the Evenlode catchment, Oxfordshire.

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