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Thomas is a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at the School of Geography and the Environment. Prior to this, Thomas was a Departmental Lecturer (2014-16) and a Research and Teaching Fellow (2013-14) at the School.

Awarded an ESRC (1+3) studentship, Thomas completed his DPhil, Reclaiming experiment, in April 2013, supervised by Professor Derek McCormack and Professor Sarah Whatmore. Thomas also has a BA (Hons) in Geography and a MSc (Distinction) in Nature, Society and Environmental Policy from the School.

His current research is on the notion of ‘burnout’, a phenomenon as familiar in academic life as it is in almost every other sector of professional employment. It is at once a conversational turn of phrase used to explain a personalised structure of feeling and a mental health phenomenon commonly cited as troubling the modern world of work.

At first blush, this could be seen as a departure from Thomas’ earlier research on experimentation. However, the ubiquity of experimentation can be seen as a rush to find and celebrate the new in the contemporary condition; a faddishness that only ever seems to accelerate. In this context, it is perhaps little surprise that we find ideas of abandonment, cruel optimism, or burnout, used to describe society, and particularly its relation to work. Thomas also continues to engage with the work of Felix Guattari, known not only for his ethico-aesthetic experiments but his interventions in therapeutic practice and psychoanalysis.

Current Research


Thomas lectured on 'Geographical Research' for the Final Honours School, led an option on 'Contemporary Urban Life', and ran two undergraduate field classes focusing on methods and techniques in human geography.

Thomas ran an elective, 'An introduction to social theory', for graduate students and lectures on the MSc in Nature, Society and Environmental Governance. He was also part of the doctoral training team.

Thomas has given tutorials at numerous colleges (Hertford, Jesus, Mansfield, St Catherine's, and St John's); he covers topics across human geography, for both Prelims and FHS.

Current Graduate Research Students

Rhian Scott

The contemporary warehouse studio: an extension of artist and urban landscape

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