Academic Profile

Laura is an ESRC postdoctoral fellow and is completing a project titled: 'Shelters as Spaces of Care and Violence: The everyday experiences of detained and deported migrant domestic workers in Southeast Asia'.

Laura holds a PhD in Human Geography and Urban Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science, where she was supervised by Professor Hyun Bang Shin and the late Professor Sylvia Chant. Prior to this, she gained both an MSc (Building and Urban Design in Development) and BSc (Urban Planning, Design and Management) from University College London.

Current Research

During her postdoctoral fellowship, Laura will be building on her PhD research which focused on the experiences of migrant domestic workers who were no longer willing/able to work-for/live-with their employers in Singapore. Having spent just under a year completing ethnographic fieldwork in a shelter that provides refuge for this population, her research considers how the residents negotiated their everyday lives in this environment and during this time. Laura's research considers alternative modes of migrant detainment, as well as the practices and longer-term impacts of deportation.

Broadly, Laura's research focuses on: migration, migrant deportation and detention, shelter spaces, intersectionality, violence, and body politics.