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Dr Ken Addison, MA, DPhil, is primarily a Quaternary scientist with a wide range of interests in glaciological, geomorphological and climate changes of the past 125,000 years and their implications for human society and global environmental security. He has also been a principal figure in the new field of geoconservation, chairing UKRIGS, the statutory conservation agency's voluntary partner, from 1999 - 2003.

A Fellow of the Geological Society, Royal Meteorological and Royal Geographical Societies and member of the key UK professional bodies covering his field of expertise, he has published papers in their principal journals and is co-writing the fourth edition of Routledge's best-selling environmental textbook, Fundamentals of the Physical Environment.

His current collaborative interests are focused in North America, particularly in the desert and mountain land systems of the western USA and, when he can manage any leisure time, sings bass in a number of choirs and enjoys hiking, outdoor sports and the gymnasium.

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