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    Jian Peng is a senior researcher in the School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford. He gained a PhD in earth science from Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M). Before joining the University of Oxford, he was a research scientist at the University of Munich (LMU) and a post-doc researcher at MPI-M.

    His research interests are the quantitative retrieval of land surface parameters from remote sensing data, the assimilation of remote sensing data into climate and land surface process models, understanding land-atmosphere interactions using earth system models and observational data, and quantification of climate change impact on water resources. His research in particular focuses on estimation of high-resolution land surface water and energy fluxes from satellite observations, and the investigation of hydrological and climatic extremes as well as their impacts on vegetation.

    He acts as guest editor for several international journals and reviewer for more than 30 international journals in the fields of remote sensing, hydrology, meteorology and geography, and has reviewed grants for various international bodies.

    Impact and Outreach

    Selected Research Projects

    Earth Observation for Flood and Drought Resilience in Ethiopia and Kenya

    UK Space Agency International Partnership Programme (2016-2019)

    MULTIscale SENTINEL land surface information retrieval Platform

    European Commission (2016-2020)

    Exploitation of S-1 for Surface Soil Moisture Retrieval at High Resolution

    European Space Agency (2016-2018)

    Quality assurance for Essential Climate variables (QA4ECV)

    European Commission (2014-2018)

    Monitoring Water and Energy Cycles at Climate Scale in the Third Pole Environment (CLIMATE-TPE)

    European Space Agency (2016-2020)

    Cluster of Excellence Integrated Climate System Analysis and Prediction (CliSAP)

    German Research Foundation (2012-2017)

    ESA climate change initiative: climate modelling user group (CMUG-phase2)

    European Space Agency (2014-2017)


    Selected Publications

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