Academic Profile

Jens Koed Madsen graduated with a PhD in cognitive psychology from University College London in 2013. His academic background is inherently interdisciplinary. He completed undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Rhetorical Theory at the University of Copenhagen and did a Master in Research in linguistic methods before doing the PhD in cognitive psychology. Common to his academic interests, he has explored persuasion, understood as changes in beliefs and changes in behaviour.

The endeavour to understand, critically analyse, describe, and formally model changes in beliefs and behaviour is a fundamental property of Jens' work at Oxford and of his research interests in general. Alongside colleagues in the Sustainable Oceans project, he researches fisher's beliefs and behaviours in dynamic and changing environments. The project explores decision-making in complex systems and investigates the effectiveness of policy in generating sustainable environments.

Current Research

Jens Koed Madsen works as a post-doctoral researcher on the Sustainable Oceans project. One of the main problems of marine conservancy is to achieve structure the environment such that it is economically advantageous to harvest whilst being environmentally sustainable such that species are not depleted and wiped out.

In approaching this problem, the project acknowledges that a complex solution is required. In particular, the research aims at developing an Agent-Based Model of human agents where agents inhabit separate cognitive lives whilst interactions with other agents and with the environment suggests that behaviour cannot be located within the individual in isolation. Complex social relations and interactions mean that behaviour is super-additive such that the whole of behaviour is more than the sum of the parts. Part of the challenge is to develop psychologically realistic agents and interactions such that the model adequately describes and predicts behaviour in complex environments.

See Jens Koed Madsen's research page for more information.

Past research projects

In past research, Jens Koed Madsen has explored Bayesian models of reasoning and belief updating in politics, deliberative democratic debates, and in public health campaigns. The models integrate subjectively perceived degrees of belief in the strength of evidence with perceptions of the credibility of the messenger to generate persuasiveness predictions. The research is both theoretical and empirical. The background forms the foundation of some of the current work undertaken as part of the Oceans Sustainability project.


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