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Helen Lawton Smith is the Professor of Entrepreneurship and Assistant Dean at the School of Management and Organisational Psychology, Birkbeck, London University. She was previously a Reader in Local Economic Development at the Centre for Local Economic Development, Coventry University, and Research Director at the Regulatory Policy Research Centre, Hertford College, Oxford University. She is an Academician of the Academy of Learned Society for the Social Sciences, a Member of Council and member of the Events and Nominations committees.

She is the Founder and Director of Research at the Oxfordshire Economic Observatory, a Research Associate at the Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge, and a Senior Visiting Research Associate of the School of Geography and the Environment. Her research interests are in the geography and management of innovation. She is the author of two books on technology transfer, the editor of seven books and has published over sixty journal articles and book chapters.

Current Research


Selected Publications

Publications are those that were listed on the old website. Publications database integration forthcoming.
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Journal Articles
Book Chapters
Published Reports
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