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Academic Profile

Dr Elena Katz is a senior researcher on the project 'Penality and Ethnicity in Russia' at the School of Geography and the Environment. Prior to this she worked in the School from March 2010 until December 2013 on the AHRC-funded project Penality and the Social Construction of Gender in Post-Soviet Russia: the Impact on Prisoners' Relatives of Their Encounters with Penal Russia. As Max Hayward Research Fellow in Russian Literature at St Antony's College, Oxford she completed her first book on representations of Jews in Russian literature and culture which came out in 2008. Her academic career stretches back to her home country, the Republic of Moldova, where she obtained her undergraduate degree in history from the Moldavian State University in Kishinev. She embarked on postgraduate Jewish studies at Oxford, and received her MA with distinction in Modern Jewish Studies at Leeds. Elena gained a doctorate in literature at Southampton University in 2004. She was then awarded an Academic Jewish Studies in Europe Fellowship at University College London in 2004-2005.

Current Research

Her research focuses on the perceptions of various 'others' in Russian literature, history and culture. She is interested in issues of Russian identity, examining how Russians assess 'what it is to be Russian' while answering 'what is it to be the other'. Her research seminar series at St Antony's "Them" and "Us" in the Russian Imagination explored the issues of 'other-ization' and the discourses of identity in past and present Russian society in relation to different major and minor Others such as the West, women, and various social and ethnic groups. This particular project will allow her to apply her interests in the issues of identity, society and marginalisation to penal Others and groups associated with them.

She is also working in collaboration with Laura Piacentini on the project 'A Sociology of Rights Consciousness Amongst Prisoners in Russia' (as Research Associate, School of Law, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Strathclyde Glasgow).

Selected Research Projects


Selected Publications

Publications are those that were listed on the old website. Publications database integration forthcoming.
Work in Progress
  • Book manuscript together with Laura Piacentini, provisional title: Prison Netnography and Human Rights (Routledge)
  • Piacentini, L. and Katz, E. (2018) The virtual reality of imprisonment: the impact of social media on prisoner agency and prison structure in Russian prisons. Oñati Socio-Legal Series.
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Encyclopedic entries
  • Ikhil Shraybman. Encyclopedia Judaica.
Articles in Newspapers
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