Academic Profile

Prof. Smith is past President of the INQUA Shorelines Subcommission on northwestern Europe shorelines. He has been coordinator and lead scientist for four major research contracts funded by the European Union, involving up to 21 universities and institutes in Europe, as well and having been closely involved in three other EU research contracts; has been a committee member for the design of the EU third, fourth, fifth and sixth frameworks and for the evaluation of funding proposals to the EU in the field of the environment. He also serves on awards committees for the EU. He was Leverhulme Emeritus Fellow at Oxford from 2002 - 2005. He recently served on the ad hoc NERC Arctic Climate Committee, and is an advisor on tsunami impact on coastal infrastructure for the Climate Change Risk Management consultancy. He has been a staff member of the universities of Queen's, Kingston, Ontario, Canada; Columbia, New York, USA, and Coventry, UK. He is a graduate of Manchester and Edinburgh universities.

Current Research

Professor Smith's research interests include the reconstruction of former relative sea levels, especially in areas of glacio-isostatic uplift, and associated patterns and processes of deglaciation; tsunami, especially past records of tsunami activity; and climate change. Most of his research has concentrated upon Scotland and northern Europe. At present, he is working on evidence for the Holocene Storegga tsunami in northern Britain and on Late Devensian and Holocene relative sea level changes in Scotland, deriving information on the patterns of land uplift which those features and associated deposits indicate. He is also working on neotectonic activity in western Scotland. In recognition of his research achievements, Prof. Smith received the Murchison Award of the Royal Geographical Society in 2003 and was made an Honorary Member of the Quaternary Research Association in 2008.


Selected Publications

Publications are those that were listed on the old website. Publications database integration forthcoming.
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